Back to Basics in Electronic Maintenance

The number of people who take the “break-fix” route in electronic maintenance is surprisingly vast. Nobody seems to care about what happens “under the hood” until devices break, resulting in downtime, inconveniences, and in the worst-case scenario, lost revenue.

In this blog, we discuss everything you need to know about electronics; from how to troubleshoot issues to maintenance tips, and so much more. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside.

How to Choose Computer Parts

If you have ever tried to assemble a PC, you probably know there’s a lot more which goes into it than just picking the newest stuff on the market. You need to consider part compatibility, and also see if they are a good fit. With that in mind, head to the store with a list and be sure to stick to the plan. Also, buy all the essential parts before thinking about cosmetic and performance-enhancing stuff. Don’t skimp out on the motherboard, to save up for the latest gaming keyboard or graphics card. It is the worst decision you can ever make when building a PC.

Troubleshooting Audio Issues in Computers

Most laptops are prone to audio problems at some point, especially those running the Windows operating system. In most cases, it’s just a small issue which you can fix in a couple of minutes. First, try replacing the speakers or connect earphones to know if the problem is in the computer or the audio device. If it’s the computer, reinstall the audio driver, check the output jack and tweak the audio options on the computer. If the problem is in the speakers, there’s little you can do. Get another set or have them fixed by a professional.


If you are confused about which software to use in your new computer, we have insightful articles that will point you in the right direction. For example, most people think Windows and Mac OS are the only operating systems out there. But that’s not true. There are hundreds of Linux based systems, designed for specific uses.

Cybersecurity is also something every computer owner should be worried about. Hackers will stop at nothing to steal financial and personal information. They use this stolen data to take out loans, leaving the real owners on the receiving end. Others buy expensive items with stolen credit card details. That’s why you need to encrypt all your internet connections and avoid public networks at all costs. We go deep into this topic on this blog.

How to Make a Gaming Computer

No doubt gaming PCs come with substantial price tags. And that’s the main reason why most people don’t own one. But if you are comfortable using a screwdriver and following step by step video tutorials, you can make a super-powerful gaming machine at home. Just know which parts to buy and the tools you’ll need.