Crucial Components You Require to Assemble Your Gaming PC

PC gamers have the option of buying preassembled computers or building their own rigs. Also, some boutique PC companies like Origin and Novatech can do the customisation for you. This article highlights five of the most crucial components you need to build a gaming PC or a PC form playing the latest online casino games, including codes as well as other demanding tasks.

Case and Motherboard

The case, as the name suggests house all the components. They are available depending on the form factors you want to configure.

On the other hand, the motherboard is the platform on which the CPU, GPU, and RAM are mounted.


The CPU is the backbone of the computer system and determines the amount of computing power. You can choose between Intel CPUs or AMD depending on your choice of vendor. The latest Intel CPU is the 9th Gen Intel Core i9 while AMD boasts the Ryzen 3000 series.


The GPU, on the other hand, boosts graphics processing. If you play the massive titles or you want 4K gaming, you need the latest GPU. Here again, there are two choices. Choose either Nvidia or AMD. The RTX 2070 and 2080 are the latest from Nvidia and support Ray Tracing. On AMD’s side, we have the likes of Product Radeon RX 5700.

Cooling Kit

Gaming systems require efficient cooling. When building your gaming PC, you can choose between the two available cooling systems. The first is fans, and several can be installed depending on the case’s bays. On the other hand, high-end systems can use water cooling kits.

Memory and Storage

Also known as RAM, your rig will be incomplete without a powerful memory. Go for the latest DDR4 kits, and pack at least 16 GB though the heaviest titles run seamlessly with just 8 GB.

Unlike the old games, the latest AAA titles are so big you will need ample storage. If you have many games, the more storage expansion is necessary. Another consideration should be an SSD for fast loading times as opposed to HDD.

Besides, a gaming rig should also be paired with the right monitor, keyboard, mouse, and headphones for the ultimate PC gaming experience.