Three Essential Software For Personal And Business Computers

For computers to operate efficiently, there is some software that remains relatively important. Some of the software is mandatory, while others are based on the preference of the user.

Operating Systems

Computer hardware and software requires an operating system function to run programmes. They manage memory applications, ability to switch to different applications, and how they interact with diverse peripherals like removable disks and printers. These various operating systems that can run on multiple models of computers.

The most popular OS include Microsoft Windows, Apple mac-OS, and Linux OS. The choice of OS varies from the processor of the laptop and expected purpose by the person or organization.


Antivirus software is programmes made to detect, prevent, and protect the computer software and hardware from malware. They restrict unauthorized access to data, information, and files stored in computers. There are single user and multiple user antivirus programs that protect the PCs from malware infection. You can download antivirus applications for free, while others can be acquired at a small fee.

Hackers always find methods of gaining access to the computer while browsing the internet. It is recommended that you keep on updating the antivirus regularly to maximize protection. Some of the popular antivirus models include Kaspersky, Norton Antivirus Plus, and Bit-defender Antivirus.

Microsoft Office

Windows Microsoft Office offers different functions either as client or server application. Every application provides various services to users. For instance, Microsoft Word creates editable documents, Microsoft Outlook provides an easy way to manage emails, and Microsoft PowerPoint simplifies the process of creating presentations. Microsoft classifies the application in suites for different users.

Students, small businesses, and organizations use suites that address their problems with various functions of the claims. Microsoft Office 2019 is available as a premium product, while MS Office 365 can be used for free. Most of the suites require end-user licenses to access all the functions of the diverse applications at a fee defined by Microsoft.

Users need both software and hardware components to enjoy maximum benefits from computers. Most computer software are downloadable for free, while others require the client to part with a predetermined fee by the organization to own entire rights.